The Olympic Channel


Client: International Olympic Committee

Production Company: Vice Media

Editors: Ian Park, Gabriella Tessitore, Christian Mroczka

With a wealth of access to top athletes and their stories, the IOC launched an online channel as a means to keep viewers engaged in the years between Olympic Games. We handled the post-production for several series: Foul Play took a deep look into current and historical controversies surrounding the Olympic Games; Feed the Flame explored athletes from around the world and how their diets affect their abilities; and Kid Casters put a lighthearted twist on the Olympics by placing children in the announcers' seat.


We crafted the stories, handled translations, format conversions, subtitles, motion graphics and color/sound finishing (stereo and 5.1 surround) for broadcast and web. 


Our agile, scalable workflow allowed us to customize the entire editorial process to fit this demanding project.

We relied on assistant editors to organize terabytes of footage we received from the production company. After ingesting and organizing, we sent the non-english interviews and vérité scenes to translators who sent back transcripts as well as files to pair subtitles with the footage in Premiere.